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Kate DiMarco Ruck Lactation Consultant Illness Policy

The Parenting Studio LLC/Kate DiMarco Ruck IBCLC is taking every measure advised by the government and medical professionals to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and virucidal disinfectants before and after every appointment. However, this does not completely eliminate the risk of exposure or spread to yourself or those whom you are contact with. There is ever-evolving information regarding Covid-19, and we will take all necessary precautions as recommended.

I understand that The Parenting Studio LLC/Kate DiMarco Ruck IBCLC does not assume any responsibility if symptoms present following an appointment. 


In light of recent events worldwide, I have updated some policies for illness. I want all of us to be safe. If meeting in person is not an option, I do offer virtual (phone or video) telehealth consultations.


At this current time, The Parenting Studio LLC/Kate DiMarco Ruck IBCLC will only be seeing masked, vaccinated clients in person, in office.  Any attending support person/co-parent/spouse/grandparent/nanny/etc, must also be masked and vaccinated.  We will gladly support unvaccinated clients through our virtual platform.


• Clients should NOT schedule an appointment if YOU or ANYONE in your family or home (client, infant, sibling(s), partners, caregivers, guardian, grandparents, or visitors) have a fever or are experiencing illness symptoms such as frequent coughing or sneezing, digestive disturbance/diarrhea/nausea, fever, chills, fatigue, body aches, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, shortness of breath, congestion, and/or a runny nose.

• Please let me know immediately  if you or anyone in your family is symptomatic for ANY illness.  Please let me know immediately if anyone in your immediate family or recent contacts has been diagnosed with COVID-19.


• If you or anyone in your home is sick with the flu, fever, vomiting, or diarrhea before or during the visit, the visit will be canceled and your credit card will be charged a full fee.  An attempt to make up the visit virtually will be made.


• If you or anyone in your home has symptoms of illness, please disclose this to me  BEFORE the appointment so we can create a plan to keep us all safe and illness-free. No cancellation fee will be charged if you communicate illness within 24 hours and we choose to cancel or reschedule.


• In case of my own illness or family emergency, I will communicate with you in a timely manner and will make every effort to reschedule you or refer you to another IBCLC, and no cancellation fee will be charged to you.


• The Parenting Studio cannot hold or save appointments for individuals who choose to cancel as a precautionary measure. 

*Only the lactating parent and one support person is allowed at the consultation.  Everyone in the visit, aside from the infant, must wear a mask. If the mask you have is not substantial or appropriate, an appropriate mask will be provided for you. * 


• As always, I will be washing my hands as often as necessary during the consult and sanitizing my equipment. I will wear a filtered mask and gloves. The Parenting Studio cannot guarantee that I, Kate DiMarco Ruck IBCLC has not been exposed to the coronavirus or any other illness.


Other measures to protect health:


• Office space and any equipment used will be sanitized multiple times a day and after each use. Additional sanitation has been implemented for common areas like waiting rooms, stair handrails, etc.

What you can do to help:


• I suggest visiting for reliable guidance and factual information regarding COVID-19.


• Hotline to call on when to seek care 1-800-722-5725. Please do not flood the healthcare system if it is not necessary.


*Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or without communication, or office visit no-shows will be charged a full self pay consult rate.


I will continue to closely monitor the situation and do all I can to protect your family and mine. We can all help to decrease the spread of illness with good hand washing and hygiene. As the situation changes, I will adjust recommendations and practices accordingly and will notify you via email. If you have any concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email,

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