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"I met Kate when I was in one of my most hopeless moments of my life, she gave me so much support through the breastfeeding journey. I was dx with breast cancer at 32, 6 months after I got married, a month after we decided to start trying to start a family. After surgeon cut off my left breast, chemo destroyed my body including my ovaries, and radiation gave me burns, I never thought I will able to have a baby. BUT I did, I had my daughter exactly 3 years after my cancer treatment. Throughout my pregnancy and delivery, one big question was can I breastfeed my daughter with my one reminding breast. For the first 2 weeks, it was sooo hard, every time my daughter cry out of hungry, I hated to put my breast toward her because it was that painful (I was comparing it to chemo). I saw kate out of last resort after already seeing multiple lactation consultants. She supported me, showed me how to position the baby to latch, and spent hours with me... even after our session, she gave me advices on pumping when I was going back to work. Today my daughter turned 6 months, I did it, exclusively breastfeed her for 6 months achieved the goal I never thought I would able to do when I first started this journey. I will continue as long as my daughter enjoy the nursing sessions and bonding. I thank kate for all the support!! And highly recommend her for any mom who is looking for help!"  -LH

"Kate is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. She gave us not just great recommendations and advice, but also clear demonstrations and explanations that made her advice easy to understand and follow (not always the case with other lactation experts in our experience). Plus, she’s lovely to spend time with. We couldn’t recommend her more highly!"     A.M.

"Kate provided us great support and tips in the beginning. She has also been fabulous with consistently supporting us through the process with our insurance provider who has been reluctant to accept the insurance claim for the lactation consultant services."  -AN

"Kate is patient and knowledgable. She gave us great tips to help us improve our feeding issues."  -JMS

"She listened us very carefully and suggested the lactation plan we need..and much more about infant care based on her experience.  We ve got the tips and info we were looking for.  It did not solve our sleepless nights but helped us to understand what’s going on with baby and how we can help him."  LG

"Your guidance was amazing!!!  The shield is working perfectly and my nipples have dramatically healed . . . I’m also more conscious of positioning which is a game changer. . . . Looking forward to breastfeeding for a while if all goes well! Thank you again for fitting me into your schedule so last minute. It made all the difference for me!" YT

"Kate responded within 1 hour of my inquiry! She is skillful, empathetic and responsive to her clients' needs. She brought donations that were desperately needed and went above and beyond the call of duty! I highly recommend Kate!"  AM

"Kate was extremely knowledgable, professional, and helpful. She shared her wealth of information and experience with me when I needed it most. Her techniques and tactics were comprehensive and very helpful - I continue to use them. I highly recommend her expertise as an IBCLC."  LD

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kate! Her energy was amazing and she made me feel very comfortable from the moment I met her. She gave invaluable advice and direction to help my two month old and I get back on track with feeding. She noticed that he was showing signs of a possible obstruction in his airway and recommended we meet with an ENT specialist. We did, and they confirmed her suspicions and put our baby on medication to help. I love my pediatrician, but she had dismissed my comments that he was a noisy breather and that he was fussing during/after feedings and chalked it up to gas and the cold weather. Kate validated my concerns and helped me realize my baby really did need more help! I’m so grateful to her! She was also amazing with follow-up communication and was in touch with me so many times. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with feeding their baby - she really saved me!!"  EG

"I wouldn’t be breastfeeding at all if it wasn’t for Kate’s careful guidance and support. When I came to see her I had a hungry, underweight 6-week old baby who wasn’t able to latch and couldn’t get much from the breast even using a nipple shield. At a very sensitive time for us, Kate gently urged me to supplement with formula while we worked on getting baby to the breast, and correctly identified that our little one had a tongue and lip tie, as well as being very tight in the body and unable to relax at the breast. I really appreciated Kate’s thoughtful, compassionate approach—her support was exactly we needed while navigating a lot of (sometimes overwhelming) information about tongue ties, oral tissue releases, and breastfeeding techniques. We followed all Kate’s recommended steps and our little one is now 3 months old and feeding almost exclusively (and very happily) at the nipple."  TT

"I'm a first time mama and struggled with breastfeeding while in the hospital. We scheduled a visit with Kate as soon as we got home. We appreciated Kate's encouragement, thoroughness, and patience. Her time spent at our home did not feel rushed, and she answered all of questions, left us feeling more informed and prepared to take breastfeeding on! Her hands on approach and collaborative teaching style really worked well for us. Would highly recommend to any new mothers or any that are struggling!"  EM

"My wife and I were incredibly impressed with Kate's professionalism and deep insight about her field. Without Kate's expertise we would have never known that our newborn was not getting enough to eat or that she was experiencing "tongue tie" issues. We are very grateful for how much she has helped our family and would happily recommend her to anyone who is having a child or interested in learning about breast feeding. Thank you Kate!"  JW

"Kate came highly recommended and came to my home in Sunnyside, Queens. She evaluated my son on the recommendation of our pediatrician when he was five months old due to failure to thrive issues. As soon as I met her I only wished I had known about her in the immediate weeks after my son's birth. She was calm, knowledgeable, informative, diligent, and truly sincerely caring. She helped me improve my breast and bottle feeding techniques and create a feeding plan for the coming weeks. She checked in on me and even answered emergency questions months later when I almost lost a freezer full of liquid gold(!). I could not recommend her more highly and hope to use her in the immediate weeks post-birth whenever #2 joins us as an important affirming and supportive presence."  AWP

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